British Toy and Hobby Association and Toy Fair

Welcome to the British Toy Fair website. We simply adore toys and every aspect of the industry. This website brings you all the news and views of the media, retailers, buyers and the latest products coming to a toy floor near you. Also highlighting all aspects of the UK toy industry and the next British Toy Fair for your diary.

What Is The British Toy Fair?

The British Toy Fair is an extraordinary event held annually where by people in the Toy industry at every level can get a peek at the latest toys to come to market and those which are in development.

While the toy fairs do attract members of the public. Generally these are British Toy Trade Fairs which entice shops and retailers who send their buyers and staff to source new products to reinvigorate their customer base and gain new sales through innovative toy products.

The media are also welcome to the annual toy fair. Without whom retailer magazines and articles in the mainstream press wouldn't be written on the latest concept toys and the ways educational toys and play things can help in the learning process.

While manufacturing and individual toy businesses are at the leading edge in development of the toys our children will play with in the coming months and years. It is these trade shows that attract the retailers to buy in the first place, seeing products taken to market proper and into the hand of the general public.

Who Are The British Toy And Hobby Association?

The British Toy and Hobby Association is one of several toy associations in the UK that retailers and manufacturers join to enable complicity and standards, as well as promotion of their products. Both to the general public as well as retailers and investors.

They do this through a variety of Toy Trade Fairs and Toy shows that travel the length and breadth of the country. The main trade shows are held, more recently at the Kensington Olympia on an annual basis.

The BTHA deals primarily with the manufacturing side of toy production. Approximately 90% of those involved in getting toys to the British toy retail market are a member of the British Toy And Hobby Association.

The members of the BTHA take advantage of several aspects of the membership. A special Code of Practice which encompasses compliance with toy safety, ensuring products are sourced and made ethically and to ensure consumer confidence, that the toys developed are safe and to a set safety standard also.

It also enables the banning of counterfeit goods promoting confidence in all areas of the market and a commitment at the manufacturing level to source only sustainable materials that can be disposed of in an ecologically friendly manner.

On the whole membership provides for market responsibility from the top down and also maximises efforts to grow the public's knowledge on toys and playtime. And the value that toys provide as educational and learning instruments through their Make Time 2 Play campaign.

Is There Only One UK Toy Fair?

No, aside from the British Toy And Hobby Association's annual Toy Fair and Toy Trade Show, there is also the Toy Retailer's Association, the British Toy Importers Association - now known as Equitoy and the The British Toymakers Guild, which primarily deals with craft toys and inception.

With each trade body, comes an annual or touring British toy fair that both members of the public and those in the industry can visit and partake in, to promote their products and for retailers to source the latest trend of quality British made toy.

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